Our Range

120/140 Litre Bins

Yindi 120

Bin + Solar + Fill Sensor


Yindi 120 Twin

Dual Bins + Solar + Fill Sensor


120L Smart Module

Turns Base Unit to Compactor


240 Litre Bins

240L Smart Module

Turns Base Unit to Compactor


Yindi 240

Bin + Solar + Fill Sensor




Yindi is modular. All parts from the same range are 100% interchangeable.

Move compactor modules around to suite your changing requirements- no tools required.


Step 1: Install Yindi baseline bins

Step 2: Monitor useage and fill level history via the vStream cloud service

Step 3: Determine the bins which require the most frequent pickups

Step 4: Install Smart Modules in the selected bins

COntact us for a 6 month free trial

Yindi's modular design allows clients to mix and match any combination of  panels, compactors and service components in the same size range. Use the free vStream reporting package to determine the highest traffic locations to upgrade to compactor function.

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The word Yindi means "the Sun"  in the language of the Yindjibarndi people,  Western Australia

Yindi is proud to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation