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Solar Powered Smart Bins

Registered Design

Patents Pending

Built for

 Australian bins

(120/140/240 Litres)

Product Features


Sensors measure bin levels and report via WiFi/3G/4G


Compressing rubbish at the source reduces collections


Handle-less  operation




Separate Waste & Recyclables at the source

Galvanised plate-steel internal construction

Changeable body panels to match surroundings

When bins are full with Internet enabled fill level sensors


More Capacity in each bin with compaction


Reduce Fleet costs

Save $$$

Reduce unnecessary pickups

Optimise Equipment Use

Reduce fuel & running costs


with vStream route optimisation


Lowest inital & total cost of ownership

Designed for a hard life, Yindi is built from the ground up to be robust and abuse-tolerant. And when it's time for service, Yindi components can be hot-swapped in the field with minimal technical training and zero tooling.

A Smarter way to deploy:

Free Trial:

Yindi can be trialled for up to 6 months free of charge to approved clients, obligation-free.

Outright Purchase:

Yindi can be bought outright with or without the compactor. The basic Yindi 120 Smart Bin (Solar + wireless, but no compactor) is comparable in price to legacy bins on the market.


Rent Yindi on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Major event coming up? Expand your bin network overnight and save on post-event cleanup.

Pay per use:

Buy the Baseline units, and pay for compaction only as required.

Bin Sponsorship:

Yindi provides bins free-of charge to approved organisations and charities in return for advertising rights on our Smart Bins

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