Intelligent & Elegant

Design Features

Yindi is designed from the ground up to be practical and economical to deploy, operate and maintain. Our user-friendly and common-sense design make it the most serviceable Smart Bin on the market.

Modern Design


Select from a variety of stock panel designs, or customise your own with our turnkey design service.

Australian Standard Bins


Yindi fits Australian Standard wheelie bins in 120, 140 and 240 litre  sizes



Twin-chute design in either "Normally Open" or "Normally Closed" mode.

Robust Design


Robust galvanized steel support structure

Easy Repair


For routine service, simply unplug the hot swappable Smart Module and return to Yindi for service. The bin continues to function as a conventional bin,

Easy to clean & service


Yindi is designed to be serviceable by cleaning staff. The patent pending "Smart Module" is easily removable by cleaning staff. Yindi's is IPS67 rated and can be cleaned (inside and out) with high pressure water.

 Economic Design


The cost of operating, maintaining and repairing of smart bins can add up over time.

We've designed the business case for Yindi to be as compelling as the environmental benefits.

Don't Change your Bins!
Cities invest significant sums into waste collection processes and machinery. Yindi allows Australian clients to use their existing infrastructure, minimising the cost of implementation..



Yindi's unique solar configuration allows the system to continue operating as normal with up to to 80% of the panels obscured.


Yindi bins feature a robust plate-steel frame and field-swappable body panels. Optional alloy or stainless steel upgrades are available for improved fire and impact resistance.

Cost of Deployment:

Yindi's modular designs allows rollout cost to be staggered over time. The base system (including solar panel and sensor) is priced in the range of legacy bins, and clients can add the smart compactor module as required.


Smart Module Servicing

Yindi bins are designed to be serviced by your existing maintenance department. All non-technical services can be performed without special tools, and if a fault is detected, the Smart Module can be easily swapped in the field.

   *Australian, US and International Patents Pending


Yindi body panels can be easily removed for cleaning, printing or a complete design makeover.

With our own design and production facility, we can tailor every part of our product to meet your specific requirements.

Yindi standard body panels are available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel.

Our in-house electric induction foundry can also produce custom parts in:

                                                                      -Cast Iron


                                                                      -Copper/Nickel Alloys


Upgrade to Zinc Aluminium Alloy or 304/316 Stainless Steel


Select from painted, powder coated, or polished finishes


Design your own facias and body panels to suit your environment

CONTACT US to Discuss your design requirements

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The word Yindi means "the Sun"  in the language of the Yindjibarndi people,  Western Australia

Yindi is proud to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation